Mini Bowl



Hand thrown high fire porcelain bowl with crystalline glaze. Our bowls are completely food ware and dishwasher safe. Wow your guests at the next dinner party with an Indikoi bowl serving piece! So many uses in the kitchen or a beautiful piece of art for anywhere in your home.


Approximately 7" diameter, 3.5" height. All our bowls are handmade so please expect variations in size and glaze.


Ivory Crystal Dark Olive (MINI-BOWL01DO), Ivory Crystal White (MINI-BOWL01W), Ivory Crystal White Blue (MINI-BOWL01WB), Mocha Crystal Dark Olive (MINI-BOWL02DO), Patina Crystal Green (MINI-BOWL03), Patina Crystal Dark Olive (MINI-BOWL03DO), Sky Crystal Blue (MINI-BOWL04), Mocha White (MINI-BOWL02W), Patina White (MINI-BOWL01WG)