Mugs + Cups

Lovely to look at, delightful to hold. There's nothing like our handcrafted crystalline Indikoi drinkware. We create each mug and cup by hand in our studio. Made from porcelain and fired to cone 10 our drinkware is meant to be used and made to last. All our drinkware is food safe and dishwasher friendly. We mix and formulate our own crystalline glazes. Because crystalline glaze will run excessively during the firing we hand throw a firing ring (a separate glaze catch) that gets attached to the cup or mug to catch the excess glaze. Once unloaded from the kiln the ring is separated from the mug or cup, the bottom is smoothed and cleaned. Unfortunately once the firing ring has come to temperature and fills with excess glaze it cannot be reused. So for every mug or cup you see a secondary piece is made that you don't see. Each piece is an investment in time and love from our hands to yours.