We are Indikoi.

Our story began in the late nineties, two college kids sitting next to each other in a drawing class. Her drawings were pretty good, his not so much. He tried to convince her to "borrow" a drawing, then to go to lunch, and that's how it all started.

After a few years of dating, we moved to the east coast and tied the knot. He started his production ceramics line as well as opened a pottery school. She opened a craft gallery and bead shop. Several years later the two of us became three, then three turned into five!

With three young kids and a small business we decided to bring it back to where it all began, Montana. In 2017, we moved our family and ceramics business to Bozeman, Montana. Working together daily in our studio and storefront in downtown Bozeman, we produce each and every piece of Indikoi together. Every product is lovingly crafted by our hands, our family, and our small business.