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Under mount your sink in style by adding a burst of color with our handcrafted U-Style under counter sink. All our U-Style sinks come with a wire mounting harness kit for easy installation.

Each sink is made from high fire porcelain china, hand thrown on the potters wheel, bisque fired, glazed, and fired again reaching 2300ºF. The process brings the clay to a state of vitrification giving our product superior strength and durability for everyday use. Our sinks are great for all types of settings…powder rooms, master bathroom, kids bathroom (no, your kids won’t break them), wet bars, hotels, restaurants (no, your customers won’t break them), and retail and public businesses. We specialize in crystalline glazing. The crystals (bubbly patterns) are formulated within the glaze matrix and grow during the heating and cooling cycle inside the kiln. The size, placement, and number of crystals will vary from sink to sink. The total time to create one sink from start to finish is about four weeks. Due to the nature of the handcrafted process each sink is unique and will have slight variations. However, all matching sink sets are fired in the same kiln to ensure the best possible match.

So whether you are designing new or remodeling the old, our sinks will give your space that “pop of color” and a work of art you can use and enjoy everyday!

15.5" diameter, 6" height

Our sinks are all handmade and will have variations in size, shape, and glaze.
Please allow 0.5" variance on either side of our standard dimensions.

Looking for a smaller or larger sink?
Contact us for custom size requests.

Download U-Style Sink Spec Sheet

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