When form meets function, magic happens. Created from high fire porcelain, bisque fired, glazed, and fired again to 2300ºF. Our pottery is fired to cone 10 bringing the clay body to a state of vitrification giving it superior strength and durability. Crystalline glazes are truly special when it comes to ceramics. Crystal formation is influenced by the clay body, glaze formulation, and intense heat inside the kiln. We don't paint the crystals on, sprinkle anything in the glaze or throw anything into the kiln. Crystalline is the art or growing crystals in the glaze matrix during the firing process. Similar to snowflake structures, crystals will grow in all different shapes and sizes. Expect glaze variations in both color and crystal formation. Each piece becomes a mesmerizing one of a kind work of art! Our functional pottery is food safe and dishwasher friendly.