A work of art to use every day. Our sinks are made from high fire porcelain china, hand thrown on the potters wheel, bisque fired, glazed, and fired again to 2300ºF. The process brings the clay to a state of vitrification giving our products superior strength and durability for daily use. Great for all types of settings…powder rooms, master bathroom, kids bathroom (no, your kids won’t break them), wet bars, hotels, restaurants (no, your customers won’t break them), and all types of businesses. We specialize in the art of crystalline glazing. The crystals (bubbly patterns) form within the glaze matrix and grow during the heating and cooling cycle inside the kiln. We don't paint them on or sprinkle anything in the glaze. Size, placement, and number of crystals will vary from sink to sink however, matching sets will be fired together to ensure a similar crystal growth atmosphere. The total time to create one sink from start to finish is about six weeks. Browse our collection of sinks - find a style to inspire your bathroom.